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Managing Devices Remotely with SiteAudit Hosted

SiteAudit Hosted PBI Dashboard is a partner and a customer facing operations dashboard.  

Use the Power BI (PBI) dashboard – the SiteAudit PBI Dashboard utilizes Drill Through to allow topline overview down to the single device detail.  Example: use the map to drill through to an exact location and device and the specific supply requiring replenishment. 

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Drill down to the specific customer location.  Then Drill Through to the devices at that location to manage supplies, alerts, and more.

Graphical user interface

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Fleet managers can start at the Operations Dashboard to see Critical Supplies.   See example there are 2 critical supplies that are less than 10% supplies remaining.  

Graphical user interface

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Then Drill Through to the supplies report to see more details.

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SiteAudit PBI Dashboard Capability Summarized: 

  • Manage fleet operations from inventory to supplies 
  • Analyze fleet data from utilization to volume trends
  • Filter data and select specific time periods for analysis
  • Drill Through from fleet overview to device level
  • Visualize customer locations with Bing Maps
  • Manage single or multiple customers in a single view
  • Access protected by Azure AD login
  • Export charts to Excel .xlsx or .csv, PowerPoint and PDF