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SiteAudit OnSite is an award-winning audit and fleet management tool designed for small, medium and enterprise environments. It is the most comprehensive fleet management tool available and provides fleet managers with actionable information on supplies, inventory, volume (meters) and fleet health. OnSite automates supply replenishment and meter reporting, tracks inventory changes, performs service performance analysis and integrates incidents with help desk systems; these and other OnSite capabilities increase operating efficiency to reduce fleet costs.


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OnSite is used for auditing, ongoing fleet analysis and management. Use OnSite to manage all device types including local and networked printers, local and networked scanners plus wide format devices. SiteAudit data integrates with supplies logistics, all types of metering applications and when used with SiteAudit Analyzer provides business intelligence to optimize fleet performance. SiteAudit keeps data inside the firewall, only alerts and reports can be emailed out, making OnSite the ideal solution for all customer types including security sensitive customers.


– Audit and Fleet Management
– Fleet Analysis and Reporting Tool
– Small, Medium, Enterprise Environments

Key Features and Benefits

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– Automates customer meter collection and supplies management process
– Standard 70 reports and unlimited custom reports, web and scheduled reports
– Notification uses standard and custom alerts with supply, asset, volume and SLA thresholds
– Inventory tracking includes asset Information, moves, add and changes (iMAC/r) and printer age
– Discovers and tracks local printers without a desktop agent
– Tracks 28 meters and provides utilization and cost analysis

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– Tracks supply levels, yields and provides estimated replacement metrics
– Tracks all device incidents plus user defined incidents.
– Fleet Health tracks response time, uptime and service level agreements (SLAs)
– Optional Visualizer floor mapping tool
– Optional Analyzer analysis and graphics reporting tool


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