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SiteAudit Compact is a cloud-based tool that performs snapshot audits. Compact uses Microsoft’s ClickOnce technology allowing it to run once, collect the required data snapshot, and then close without installing any software. Simply download Compact and run it. Snapshots are taken at least twice to capture a beginning and an end data collection 30-days apart. The data collection includes networked and local printer inventory and networked printer volumes. Compact does not require desktop agents to identify local printers.


Compact is ideally suited for Managed Print Services (MPS) partners that run audits in small and medium-size environments. Use the SiteAudit viewer to create the audit analysis then generate an easy-to-read custom report or select from popular pre-configured reports using the Reporting Web Site. Compact supports the SiteAudit Analyzer audit template with its Microsoft PowerPoint integration to deliver audit presentations in a fraction of the time it used to take.


Click to enlarge: MS PowerPoint Audit Integration
Click to enlarge: MS PowerPoint Audit Integration

– Cloud-based Audit Tool
– Small and Medium-sized Environments

Key Features and Benefits

– No software installation required, network authenticated, just download Compact and run it
– Easy-to-use interface allows remote setup and configuration of discovery, analysis and reporting
– Standard 70 reports, unlimited custom reports and a built-in audit report
– Convenient Cloud-based reporting using the Web Reporting Site
– Inventory capture of networked and local printers, Canon scanner and most wide format devices
– Volume capture of networked printers up to 28 different counters
– Discovers local printers without a desktop agent
– Secure data transfer using the widely accepted HTTPS protocol
– Data collection is the best and widest for a snapshot audit solution
– Compact uses the same user interface and software as the SiteAudit OnSite and Hosted tools
– Optional Visualizer floor mapping tool
– Optional Analyzer analysis and graphics reporting tool
– Analyzer audit template integration with MS PowerPoint


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