BackOffice Services

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SiteAudit BackOffice Services provides the tools for integrating SiteAudit data with third-party software such invoicing, CRM, ERP and other back-office applications. SiteAudit BackOffice Services includes the BackOffice Client and the BackOffice Toolkit, which includes API documentation and the source code for a sample BackOffice Server.


Integrating SiteAudit data with critical business processes is seamless with SiteAudit connectors. Netaphor offers a variety of connectors and integrations to provide printer asset, supplies, volumes and incident data to third party applications. Data can then be used to process meter invoices, initiate supply orders or identify service problems.

SiteAudit ServiceNow Connector

The SiteAudit ServiceNow Connector provides a complete inventory of printers and more importantly it automates incidents processing and associates them with workflows. Now IT asset managers get their inventory report when they want it and tickets open as soon as the incident happens without requiring manual input and there’s no possibility of error in ticket transcription. Response time improves and printer availability goes way up.

At-A-Glance Integration Applications

– Invoice and billing
– Customer Relation Management (CRM)
– Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
– Help desk and support

Key Features and Benefits

– SiteAudit data-on-demand
– Data filtering
– Secure communications
– Out-of-band back channel
– Single I/F for all applications


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